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GREEN EARTH: “Green Earth” is a term coined by GUESS to explain about the activities, it undertakes to safeguard the environment and preserve green life on the planet. Green Earth is a concept to maintain the balances and natural ecology of our Planet. Under this concept, GUESS promotes Afforestation, Agro Forestry, Rainfed Crops, Conservation of Bio-Diversity, Soil & Moisture Conservation, Waste out of Wealth Concepts, Natural Resources Management, Non Timber Forest Produce, Dry Land Farming, Waste Land Development etc.

GREEN HEALTH: The concept of “Green Health” germinates from the fact that nature provides cure for all ailments. The traditional systems of Indian medicine was based on this philosophy. But with the advent of modern science the traditional systems have lost ground. GUESS is trying to revive this age-old practice of traditional systems of Indian Medicine. The indigenous systems of medicine viz. Ayurveda, Sidha and Unani are dependent on medicinal herbs and plants. GUESS Promotes these concepts through awareness generation and promotion of sustainable cultivation of Medicinal, Aromatic, Herbal and Dye Yield Plants.

GUESS mission is to move human society to live in ways that protect Earth’s environment and its capacity to provide for the needs and aspirations of current and future generations.


To sustain and continue the Projects initiated, GUESS provides thorough hands-on training to the people concerned. This is done both at GUESS, Hyderabad as well as on site. For this necessary resource persons are involved from other Organizations / Institutions concerned. Awareness creation Workshops, Seminars and Exhibitions are organized with expert faculty.

In the area of research as already mentioned GUESS is in the process of setting up of “Global Ecology Center” consisting of “Rural Transformation Center” [RTC], “Rural Technology Park” [RTP], “Dry Land Agriculture Research Station” {DLARS} and “Bio-Diversity Conservation Center“ [BDCC] attached with “Demo Plantation Project” in the near future.

GUESS interacts with several research Organizations / Institutions in India on an ongoing basis to solve some of the critical problems arising while implementing various projects. GUESS is willing to share this knowledge with any interested organizations. GUESS has plans to set up an “Information Centre” at Hyderabad covering all its activities both online as well as across the counter.

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