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Any type of Consultancy, Technical know-how, Information on GUESS’s Projects, Collaboration and Technology Transfer Proposals.
Trade enquiries & Consultancy Services for Material Inputs, Organic Farming, Bio Fertilisers & Pesticides, Agricultural Products, Cultivation & Processing of Medicinal Plants , Aromatic Oils, Natural Dyes, Raw Herbs, Derivatives etc.
Proposals for Research Projects in which GUESS can Participate and Contribute.
International Universities, Environment Institutes, Social Organisations & Foundations can join GUESS for Promotion of various Eco Friendly Innovative Sustainable Technologies to gross root level in India through Partnerships.
Volunteer, Youth, Research, Student, Intellectual & Knowledge Exchange Programs.
Institutes seriously concerned about Sustainable Measures & Environment Issues can collaborate with GUESS to set up Knowledge Transformation Centers in India.
Join hands with GUESS in shaping the proposed “Rural Technology Park”, “Rural Transformation Center”, “Dry Land Agriculture Research Station” and “Bio-Diversity Conservation Center cum Farm Project”.
All sorts of Renewable Energy Promoting Agencies, Organisations & Corporate Groups can be part of GUESS’s Initiatives in Transforming the Technologies to the Rural Communities of India.
GUESS expects transfer of Technology & Know – How to set up the Seed Production & Processing Centers, Seedling Banks, Green Houses, Eco Friendly Cold Storage Units & Packaging Technologies, Pre Cooling & Preservation of Vegetables, Fruits, Pulses etc.
Media Houses, Publications, Social Net Works & Intellectual Groups can join GUESS to share their Knowledge, Ideas, Inventions and to spread the message on various Sustainable Measures to the World.
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